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4DFM is an emerging company in the facilities and property industry aimed at providing an individually tailored and personalised service to our customers. We cater predominantly towards the corporate real estate(CRE), Retail, Motor, Oil & Gas and hospitality markets and are open to all sectors of the property market. We are an integrated service provider with our focus on Building maintenance & inspections, Tenant Installations, Turnkey, Project, Property & Asset Management.


4DFM & Van Der Group Construction Announce Integration Partnership

Streamlining IFM by Interconnecting Design and Action

This partnership brings in over 30 Years of Building, Civil Construction Engineering and Surveying experience which includes Professional Land Surveying and Township Planning on numerous multi-million Rand projects. Contact us now or click link to find out further details.

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How we work

You Call Us

Get in touch to have a completely obligation free assessment of your needs and where we can help you in your business

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We come to you to and assess your needs.

We Check

Let us come and assess your needs and provide a comprehensive report on our findings and quote you.

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We strive for service excellence, outstanding workmanship, reliability, an efficient service and professionalism when you choose to utilise our services.

You Pay

No more paperwork pile-up. We offer a multitude of payment options for your convenience. To save you even more time, we offer electronic invoicing.

Service Guaranteed

We are told by our clients and partners that many of the facilities maintenance companies they deal with charge premium rates and do just enough to get by. We’re Different, so why not give us a try?

We pride ourselves on solving our customers’ facilities-related challenges and acting as a trusted partner and advisor to ensure that your total cost of property ownership is kept to the minimum while we enable you to focus on growing your core business.

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Core Services

Our list of services is quite comprehensive by nature, being an integrated service provider and this has specifically been structured like this to offer the client a one-stop-shop approach where all services within the built environment are catered for.

Facilities Managment

Facilities are no longer simply the places where a company’s employees work; they are recognised as assets that can be configured and maintained flexibly to accommodate a company’s core mission, culture and strategic evolution.

Project Management

When it comes to producing fantastic interiors, scheduling building contracts, or complex multi-disciplinary works on time and within budget, effective project management lies at the heart of every successful job. At 4DFM we’ve got the systems and people to make sure we always get it right.

Property Management

How you manage your property today has a great impact on its value tomorrow. This is a concept that 4DFM fully understands, and it underpins how we manage your property portfolio. Effective property management is key to achieving the maximum return for a building by limiting costs, protecting net operating income, ensuring regular maintenance, and making sure the building remains attractive to current and prospective tenants.



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Our Solutions

Turnkey Installations

It takes real talent and expertise to create successful interiors. Fortunately we’ve got them both. Whatever your sector, the look and feel of your premises affects everyone who enters them and speaks volumes about your brand. That’s why you need an interior fit-out partner you can trust to smoothly deliver the kind of high-quality finished environment that really does justice to your business or organisation. Our interior fit-out service offers the perfect blend of flexibility and attention to detail, and extends to anywhere in South Africa as well as embracing buildings of every shape, size and usage.

Building Inspections

A professional 4DFM property Inspection will identify defects, the safety hazards within the building and premises, deteriorating conditions, improper installations, operability of major systems and maintenance issues of each property. Our reports are written in lay terms to assist you and your contractors to quantify and prioritize a what repairs and maintenance needs to be done, short and long term. This will reduce your exposure and risk while making your purchasing process easier, less stressful, more informed and hopefully more enjoyable.

Asset Management

Ensuring your business gets the maximum life out of any given asset, whilst maintaining it at the lowest cost, is a critical part of any maintenance provider’s role. We can tag any assets on your site with details then have these entered into our system. We will then log each and every call and fault against specific asset numbers giving our customers complete visibility of how each asset is performing, the cost of maintenance and how best to deploy capital expenditure in any given year. As the asset history builds, we can analyse common faults and recurring issues, working with you to review design specifications and develop PPM schedules to reduce fault frequency, identify poor performing sites and contractors and using asset level information to drive continual improvement while also providing you with an up to date inventory to adjust yearly depreciation figures and to review insurance policies.

Integrated Services

We’re a 24/7, Cost Efficient Tech Repair Services for You.

4D Facilities Management (4DFM) - Security


4DFM offers a full spectrum of risk management and security consultancy services which delivers to a defined scope, time, cost and quality criteria.

We are conscious that in today’s marketplace security is an important and vital element of any business; however, its integration must be seamless and without disruption. 4DFM can deliver this by providing ‘fit for purpose’ and ‘turnkey’ solutions that are requirement, not resource driven; innovative and cost effective.

4D Facilities Management (4DFM) - Building Maintenance

Building & Fabric Maintenance

Our services can be provided as part of an integrated maintenance solution, combining the building fabric(structural materials, cladding, insulation, finishes, etc.) with mechanical and electrical maintenance, or as stand-alone service. The choice is entirely yours. Take a look at the comprehensive list of services we provide which includes, surveys, inspections, roof repairs, brickwork, plumbing, door/lock repairs, stair repairs, drainage, ceiling tiles, redecoration, carpeting, glazing repairs, carpentry work and furniture and fittings repair & maintenance.



With a SHEQ system in place, the company benefits from an improvement in quality, lower impact on the environment, lower levels of waste, improved customer satisfaction, higher employee morale, fewer accidents (and lower costs associated with these), and ongoing legal compliance with statutory requirements.


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