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Facilities Management is an enabler of sustainable enterprise performance through the whole life management of productive workplaces and effective business support services.

Establishing and maintaining the lifetime value of a customer is a carefully blended concoction of targeted engagement and relationship building, all drawn from meaningful data analysis. True care for understanding the customers pains, and then providing a solution to effectively alleviate those pains, creates interactions mutually beneficial to the company and user. The big take away from these quotes is: when customers are put first, revenue follows.

As well as focusing on value and running performance, our whole life approach looks to maintain a very practical understanding of the end users facilities management (FM) requirements. We provide advice relating to all aspects of the design, operation and occupation of the built environment, and align our FM services with each clients individual overarching organisational objectives.

Biggest influences when choosing a FM provider:


Our consultancy services could help your business realise that big facilities management idea…

The knowledge and client-side experience of 4DFM’s senior team, who all originate from senior management roles working at major ‘blue chip’ organisations, enables them to advise and consult clients in a range of strategic Facilities Management areas. This ranges from one-off consultancy or project management to bringing our outsourcing or consolidation expertise to an ongoing relationship.

4DFM looks to work in partnership to ensure each individual client receives the right facilities management solution, structured in the right way. Outsourcing can be a great way to drive performance, reduce resource and as part of a re-structuring exercise cut costs across a large facilities team.

Integrating services through consolidation can provide a range of operational and cost efficiencies that deliver bottom line improvements, as a well as much improved service levels.

4DFM can work with you to determine the right facilities structure for your organisation whether based around a single service across a national portfolio or multiple services at a single location.

Our dedicated teams take a proactive role in the strategic assessment and delivery of facilities management services aiming not only to provide service excellence to our clients but also, in turn, ensure that our clients can deliver service excellence in their organisation.

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Why increase or Decrease Outsourcing

Top reasons for not utilising FM services(2017 Study) 1. Prefer in-house 2. Business is growing 3. Already outsourcing 4. Business is too small 5. Takes away all responsibilities 6. Training in-house 7. Cutting Costs 8. Part of our Strategy 9. Operational Excellence 10. Cheaper to insource 11. Outsourcing I cheaper 12. If affordable will outsource 13. Downsizing the business

Special & Unique Features

  1. Affordability (costs currently too high, reduce costs, too expensive)
  2. Add value to the business (FM to add value to my business, expertise, contribute, help to achieve growth, do not see the value)
  3. Business growth (if the business grows, better performing business – strategy change, business becomes stronger)
  4. Expert services (if they offer something we cannot do, are specialists in what they do)
  5. Relationship (be there for us, build trust, develop relationship, support the business)
  6. Industry reputation (if the reputation improves, really show their value, be more visible, market themselves better)
  7. Skilled staff (if their staff gets better, more educated staff, better staff service)
  8. Transparent (more open about the agreements, fine print does not correlate with service, not open enough with us)
  9. Transformation / benefits (do not get BEE score, no tax benefit, no skills transfer)

Outsourcing and FM Integration

Outsourcing of facility services has increased considerably in the 2000’s, with the majority of the growth coming from the emerging Asia Pacific markets. Even though these markets still are smaller than those in North America and Western Europe, the market penetration is without a doubt increasing rapidly.

The growth in outsourcing goes hand in hand with a growing demand for Integrated Facility Management (IFM). In this context, the IFM market is predicted to expand at a compound annual growth rate of 6-8%, to reach $1.314 trillion in 2018.

The rate of outsourcing and the demand for integrated solutions follow similar trend lines: in mature markets with higher outsourcing penetration, the demand for Integrated Facility Solutions is typically higher and growing, while the reverse is true in emerging markets. However, by the late 2020’s, it is predicted that China’s outsourcing culture will progress to the point of accepting modern FM solutions, opening the way for massive growth in IFM in that market.

We work with clients to underscore their business needs, understand how services are currently delivered, illuminate the benefits of different delivery models and confirm that the proposed solution meets your requirements. Our advisors act independently from the supply chain thereby remaining objective and professional, which ensures transparency in our solutions and delivery. Our advice is tailored to create bespoke solutions with the overall aim of ensuring that services are aligned to and support your overarching organisational objectives and best value.

Our sole aim is to support your business by highlighting opportunities to reduce expenditure, implement strategies that protect long term asset investment and seek continuous improvements.

 Our team has a broad range of experience covering hard and soft services in both the public and private sectors. Our portfolio includes central and local government as well as clients in the specialist fields of housing, law enforcement, education, health, financial services, retail and waste management.


4D Facilities Management (4DFM) - Facility Management