How you manage your property today has a great impact on its value tomorrow. This is a concept that 4DFM fully understands, and it underpins how we manage your property portfolio. Effective property management is key to achieving the maximum return for a building by limiting costs, protecting net operating income, ensuring regular maintenance, and making sure the building remains attractive to current and prospective tenants. To do this, property managers require a broad range of skills and knowledge to efficiently manage a property portfolio and prevent obsolescence.

4DFM’s commitment to proactive portfolio-based property management through planned building life-cycle maintenance, utilities management and use of technology is focused entirely on unlocking the true potential and long-term value of clients’ properties.

 Our proactive approach has resulted in us becoming one of the leading service providers in this growing and highly competitive sector.

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4D Facilities Management (4DFM) - Property Management
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Our Key service offerings are as follows:

  • Attending to maintenance and repair issues once the property is let, using our network of experienced and professional suppliers.
  • Maintaining records of account of all rental payments and disbursements, including payments for repairs and maintenance, and accounting to the landlord in respect of these on a monthly basis.
  • Receiving rentals from tenants and paying these over to the landlord as well as following up on unpaid rentals.
  • Inspecting the premises when required.
  • Monitoring tenant payment for all services for which they are liable, including water, municipal rates and electricity.
  • Letting, lease renewals and maintaining occupancy levels.