For a competitive and non-stop working corporate environment, organisations must keep their facilities running in perfect condition. We fully recognize the 24/7 needs of corporates’ and deliver excellence in all areas simple necessary.


We know productivity and profitability is paramount to the success of your company through our extensive experience dealing with various warehousing and manufacturing premises. We have a no nonsense approach to addressing your needs. As you do, operationally we deliver.


Retail businesses and commercial ventures cannot thrive and prosper unless the premises, stock, employees and customers have a safe and secure environment. To further simplify your experience, we will soon offer on-call service facility for remote locations and a single-point online helpdesk module.


We know how to keep every area of a hotel property running smoothly. We take a systems approach to hospitality facilities issues, while also providing functional spaces within a property, from managing the physical plant of a hotel or restaurant and working effectively with the existing engineering and maintenance staff.


We have an unrivalled experience of maintaining critical supply chains and assets for industries such as aviation, oil and gas, electricity, renewable energy and open spaces for public utility. Our utility clients trust us to deliver tangible results and value for money.


Our experts take care of educational facilities, ranging from general house-keeping, electro-mechanical services, pantry services to handyman services. creating a safe environment for their development. Our services include:

§  Large space management – playground, park area, etc.
§  Child safety and security
§  Pest control services
§  Lawn and garden maintenance


First impressions count. We make sure your passengers experience the best possible facilities and services as soon as they enter the airport. Our experience enables us to work in partnership, combining global expertise with specialist knowledge and world-class resources to deliver supply chain solutions across the full spectrum of airside and landside support services.


Our enthusiastic and well-organised FM team make it their business to manage and maintain your facilities to take care of all the details that ensure your associates and visitors can enjoy a secure and state-of-the-art working environment. We help optimise the way you take care of the people’s needs to keep a truly world-class operation running smoothly.


Let us manage your needs from state-of-the-art temperature controlled export perishable cargo facilities dedicated for export pharmaceuticals and perishable products to standard domestic cargo handling including dangerous, valuable or vulnerable cargo storage.


From Special Events Management, Maintenance and Strategic Consulting we can help you make your venue a world-class attraction and effectively cater for the expected volumes of people safely & successfully.


Within the banking industry managing a distributed portfolio presents a number challenges. In order to best service multi-site bank locations you need to be a step ahead of the rest; providing a quality customer experience and maintaining service delivery. We deliver simple solutions to your problems.


We understand the requirements of the MCC and its importance within this industry in order to keep your organisation compliant. Ensuring your facility is operating optimally.