Our expertise lies is providing dynamic solutions to the ever changing reality and specific
needs of each client. We provide risk assessments and security plans for buildings,
infrastructure, assets, people and the wider society.

Our risk management approach is based on a trusted model which includes physical security,
process mapping and the use of modern technology, all topped with strong on and off-site
management support.

4DFM offers a full spectrum of risk management and security consultancy services which delivers to a defined scope, time, cost and quality criteria.

We are conscious that in today’s marketplace security is an important and vital element of any business; however, its integration must be seamless and without disruption. 4DFM can deliver this by providing ‘fit for purpose’ and ‘turnkey’ solutions that are requirement, not resource driven; innovative and cost effective.

Our expertise lies in the delivery of these solutions for new-build projects and retro fitting for established sites where existing security measures may be found lacking or in need of overhaul.

4DFM offer everything from the initial risk assessment to the design of bespoke physical, technical and operational security measures from concept through to detailed design including:

  • Security Systems Design (Access Control, Intruder Detection Systems, CCTV, fences, gates and barrier systems)
  • Construction site supervision, project management and witnessing, testing and commissioning of all security systems.
  • Security requirements specification (ready for tender documentation, tender process and evaluation through to procurement support)

We have many years of experience in assisting existing businesses with operational security reviews, vulnerability assessments, conducting peer reviews, gap analysis’, operational audits and reviews.

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Guarding Functions

i. Sentries (Stationary Guards) A sentry is a guard assigned to guard over or protects a specific post or location. These posts normally include visitor access points, watch towers, etc. Often the function of a Sentry will include access control.

ii. Access Control To assist our personnel in delivering an effective service to our clients, we make use of a combination of Access Control Registers, Visitors Registers, Vehicle Identification Stickers, Sleeping Passes, Workers/Domestic Identification Cards, etc. to ensure that only authorized persons enter the premises under our control.

iii. Patrolling Guards We utilize an on-line MagTouch system in conjunction with all patrolling guards to ensure that an effective service is  delivered to our client. Check points are setup that must be visited by our patrolling officer. These points must be visited either in specific sequence or randomly, as requested by our client. On request we can supply the client with a printout of the patrols completed, detailing the points visited, dates and times.

Long Term Contracts The bulk of our services is based on long term guarding contracts to Industrial as well as Residential clients, supported and backed up by our Supervisory and Armed Reaction Teams.

Special Events may vary between supplying a single “Car Guard” for a function one evening at your house, to deploying a full Protection Detail with SRT (Special Response Team) backup for a couple of weeks who we have on permanent standby; a group of highly trained, highly skilled operatives ready to react to an emergency situation, should it be required.



We offer all standard technical security installations and maintenance on alarm systems, electric fencing, gate motors and CCTV installations. We also do short-term vehicle and asset tracking, surveillance, counter-surveillance and de-bugging.

We are registered with all the major wholesalers and offer competitive pricing with quality installation service. Let us come and give you a totally obligation free quote!

4D Facilities Management (4DFM) - Security CCTV

  • 4D Facilities Management (4DFM) - VIP/Close Protection/Bodyguarding Escort2
  • 4D Facilities Management (4DFM) - VIP/Close Protection/Bodyguarding Escort
  • 4D Facilities Management (4DFM) - VIP/Close Protection/Bodyguarding lauren-hill-security


We have at our disposal a team of highly qualified experts in the field of Close Protection to render a tailor made solution to your Close Protection needs. Dependent on the client’s portfolio, they can render discreet covert protection, or they can execute a high risk, high profile overt operation. Our teams include veterans of the Military / Police spec operational units, Intelligence Services and Presidential VIP Protection Unit. All activities are based on the company’s proven methodology that ensures clockwork precision and principles that drive its unique level of personalized, attentive service.

Former assignments ranging from low profile to high risk included:

  • Foreign dignitaries
  • Local and foreign businessmen
  • Celebrities
  • Private individuals
  • Athletes
  • multi-national companies



Whether your business requires certain colleagues to handle and use firearms, or you are looking for an exciting teambuilding activity, or you would like to learn to operate a firearm in your personal capacity, we can assist you.

Simply make an appointment with us for a pre-assessment meeting.

Once you, or your team have completed the theoretical assessments, you will then undergo the practical training and assessments.

If the above is then completed successfully, you will be issued with a proficiency certificate, which is endorsed by the South African Professional Firearm Training Council (SAPFTC).


4D Facilities Management (4DFM) – Firearms Training3 Glock
  • Firearm training: Handle and use of firearms for private and commercial clients
  • Proficiency certification: Including theoretical and practical testing
  • Firearm licence application advice
  • Refresher training to already licenced/certified gun users
  • Corporate teambuilding sessions
4D Facilities Management (4DFM) - Firearms Training
4D Facilities Management (4DFM) - Firearms Training2
4D Facilities Management (4DFM) - Risk Management

Risk management strategy

This follows the process of selecting and implementing mitigation measures to achieve an acceptable level of risk at an acceptable cost. 4DFM follows a rigorous risk management process to ensure that we deliver a security solution that is both ‘fit for purpose’ and cost effective.

We work closely with our clients to ensure that the tolerable level of risk is understood by all sides, commonly referred to as ‘risk appetite’ and engineer our advice and solutions to achieve that precise level of risk. Our ethos is to reduce the risk to your business by enforcing the applicable As Low As Reasonably Possible (ALARP) principle.

Our range of services includes:

  •     Threat and Risk Assessment
  •     Vulnerability Assessment
  •     Security Strategy and Planning
  •     Emergency and Crisis Management Planning
  •     Physical Security Design
  •     Surveys, Audits and Reviews
  •     Project Management
  •     Tender Production & Evaluation
  •     Policies and Procedures

We can advise and coach organisations on how to reduce the risks to their most valuable assets: their people, their reputation, their information and their physical assets. We can make security within your business something that enables and supports the business.