Our turnkey solutions are appropriate for new offices, extensions and refurbishments offering full services as may be needed by the client.

Our design and build process has 3 main stages which include:


  • Pre-construction Assessment: We learn about your business through conducting research on your industry, goals, vision, financial realities current and future facility needs. This helps in projecting the scope of work, which is also undertaken by our architects and engineers in reviewing all aspects of the site in question.

  • Architectural Design: Our team has an understanding of your business and financial needs, project schedule, job site and facility architecture. Here we design preliminary drawings and work to produce cost estimates throughout the project design phase.

  • Construction and Fit Out: This stage is done concurrently with design. We have our construction team and material vendors who will provide quality standards for your project. We also adhere to International Safety Standards when undertaking our projects.

The benefits you will experience with this one-stop-shop for your commercial project include:


  • Rapid delivery as design and construction happens concurrently.


  • Smooth process as we eliminate the headaches you are bond to go through in case you work with a number of contractors and suppliers for your project.


  • Better solutions and value: we show you more options that will help you in making better-informed decisions through the process.


  • Better communication: All team members are on the same page from start to finish of the project. We use a collaborative approach in our day to day running of business and align your interests and vision to our work ethic

Assess, Engineer, Install. QS

It takes real talent and expertise to create successful interiors. Fortunately we’ve got them both.

Whatever your sector, the look and feel of your premises affects everyone who enters them and speaks volumes about your brand. That’s why you need an interior fit-out partner you can trust to smoothly deliver the kind of high-quality finished environment that really does justice to your business or organisation.

Our interior fit-out service offers the perfect blend of flexibility and attention to detail, and extends to anywhere in South Africa as well as embracing buildings of every shape, size and usage. Performed by our own skilled specialists who know their professions inside out, our services cover every aspect of fitting out your interior space to the exacting standards you’d expect from a team with as much experience as ours.

We know that commercial pressures mean timings and costings are particularly crucial when it comes to fitting out a building, whether it’s an office space, superstore or secondary school. That’s why we use detailed forecasts and multiple teams of carefully coordinated workers to make sure every project goes perfectly to plan and stays within budget.

At 4DFM we can bring you all the creativity, resources and commercial insight it takes to design interiors that don’t just look great but perform brilliantly too.

Drawing on years of experience we can offer this service to companies and organisations spanning a huge range of sectors and are capable of creating functional yet original, attractive interiors for any type and size of building, including working on projects covering multiple sites.

Our people visualise, create and finalise designs to meet any brief, using a powerful combination of creative flair and real-world practical knowledge coupled with state-of-the-art hardware, CAD/CAM software and carefully produced mood boards. The end results are interiors that people want to occupy, but which also satisfy the client’s practical criteria when it comes to factors like cost, deadline, layout, materials, usage, health & safety and any environmental concerns.

Of course great design is nothing without smooth project management, and that’s why we are able to support and backup of a dedicated project manager and our unique Proactive Account Management (PAM) system.

Commercial Interior Design

Workplaces have changed significantly over the past 20 years and the trend is for more interactive spaces for staff to work in. This can even be seen in the commercial property sector where once bigger offices were “better”; now we have more open-plan office areas, multi-tenanted buildings and densities of staff having increased to the extent where parking becomes an issue. The trend towards hot-desking with the advancement of technology has made it more and more convenient to work remotely, be mobile and has increased productivity.

We can combine these needs and those of your customers into a space that people want to be in, giving your business that edge in these ever demanding times.

Your workspace says everything about your organisation.

The age old saying about first impressions is true for your office interior design.

What does your office interior design say about your company?

Every working environment should be tailor made to support the business housed within.

We realise that your office is more than just a showcase of your organisation.

Your work space is home, to you and your team. Is it a space that you want to be in… every single day?

Does your office interior design support your core function? Does the environment inspire productivity, enhance performance?


Modelling on SketchUp & Floor Plans on Autodesk AutoCAD/Revit

building blocks

Space Planning

4DFM incorporates all aspects of office space planning to ensure efficient and effective use of available office space to maximise productivity in an aesthetically pleasing way. We take into consideration the Company brand and values and interview key staff members to get a thorough understanding the message that needs to be conveyed to both Staff and customers.

Employees are our most important assets and the environment in which they work and interact with your customers is a critical consideration that reflects the value the organisation places on them. Never before has it been more important to create an environment that your employees want to work in, not only to retain their services but to massage their minds into creative and innovative thinking.

It is no longer acceptable to simply use drywalling to create little cubicles for staff to work in. Staff need to interact and collaborate for any business to get the best out of them. We are not saying don’t use drywall but there are ways to design using drywalling that will blow you away.

People are far more mobile in the workplace than ever before, with the length that top people stay in positions getting shorter and shorter.

As Experienced Space planners we create spaces that optimise the interactive processes within the office and create areas that are most suitable to engage with customers. These areas designed for customer interaction are optimised using color, lighting, music and furniture which will create an environment conducive for positive outcomes.

By making use of 4DFM, we will take you through every step of the planning process, from initial consultation right through to architectural design, furniture selection and implementation of the project.

What we take into consideration when planning the office space is the effect of the office space design on the employees including the colours, available natural lighting, perception of space, comfort of the seating and work surfaces as well as the carbon footprint and potential cost savings by implementing the project using sustainable materials and lighting solutions.

Conveying the Corporate values and vision of your company to your employees as well as customers is a vital part of the space planning function and at 4DFM we are ever mindful of the value of employees that understand and identify with your corporate values.

Gathering all the information together is vital to the pricing and budgeting of a project where we negotiate preferential rates with our suppliers and ensure that the budgeted parameters for the project are maintained.

The project team is an integral link between the client, the designers and contractors. Experienced in achieving deadlines and maintaining a happy relationship with the client while ensuring that each job runs smoothly and according to programme and understanding all the elements of design, construction and aesthetics, is integral to a projects’ successful completion.

Allow us to produce your most effective floor plan layout to suite all your requirements.